Black Canyon 100K, Ft. Lauderdale Marathon, Chinese New Year 5K, RAGNAR

Nine-Mile Hill – not like we’re used to!

Oh, my! What a fun day of snow (pic is from 9-Mile Hill). We hope you’re enjoying this awesome weather!

Quite a few races to report on from this past weekend.


Eero Allison – Black Canyon 100K

Congratulations to Eero Allison who finished his first ultra-marathon! Eero finished the Black Canyon 100K run in 14:55. Eero will be running the Boston Marathon later this Spring.

Frank Smith kept his marathon streak alive by finishing the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon in 5:47.

Joan McGue finished the Chinese New Year 5K in 29:34 and took 2nd in her AG!



Kathy Stanley – RAGNAR

Kathy Stanley and her team finished the RAGNAR Relay (RAGNAR del SOL) on Friday and Sat.

Congratulations, all!

Phoenix Marathon and Half Marathon

Kathy Stanley – Phoenix Half Marathon

Congratulations to everyone who raced the Phoenix Marathon and ½ Marathon this past weekend! It was a great day for running – cool and overcast!

Phoenix Marathon
Vince Mazzocco – 4:18 – PR!

Phoenix ½ Marathon
Pat Devine – 1:38
Terry Crowley – 1:50 – PR!
Rebecca Felmly – 3:14
Kathy Stanley – 1:50 – 4th in AG!
Andrew Broderick – 1:44 – PR!

Congrats, everyone!

Desert Duathlon

Peter Ney – Desert Duathlon

We hope you are having a good week. We know many of you are looking forward to the Phoenix Marathon this coming weekend! Looks like perfect running weather for Sat!

Last weekend, the long-running Desert Duathlon was held. Peter Ney (pictured) raced the Powerman Distance (10K run, 60K bike, 10K run) and took 5th overall male and 2nd in his AG!

Joan McGue raced the Standard Distance (5K, 38K, 5K) and finished the difficult course in 3:14, taking 2nd in her AG!

Great job, guys!

She Power Half Marathon, Aloha Marathon Series

Cheryl Stadlman – She Power Half Marathon

Another great weekend for running this past weekend! Congratulations to Cheryl Stadlman who ran the She Power ½ Marathon here in AZ. Cheryl finished in 2:27.

Good luck to everyone racing the Desert Duathlon this weekend! It looks like there could be some rain showers. This race is a ton of fun and has a history of some muddy days. Have fun!




Lastly, we want to recognize Frank Smith who ran the Aloha Marathon Series in Hawaii this past week. The event consisted of running 3 marathons and one 50K over the course of four days!

Day 1: Marathon – 5:29
Day 2: 50K – 7:17
Day 3: Marathon – 5:55
Day 4: Marathon – 5:46

Frank Smith – Aloha Marathon Series

Frank is a machine!!

Rock and Roll Half Marathon, Maui Oceanfront Marathon

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and your 2019 is off to a great start!

Our athletes are preparing for some super exciting adventures this year. Some are doing their first 100-mile run, others their first Ironman. Some are training for ultra-endurance swims, while others are preparing to climb Mt Rainier.

But the coolest thing is that as Anne and I begin our 16th year of coaching (can’t believe I’m writing that!), we’re continuing to help several of our athletes step into the arena for the first time. First 5Ks, first sprint tris, first time learning to swim. Many of the athletes who are now attempting these massive ultra runs, endurance swims, long-distance tris, and mountain climbs were once first-timers, too. And it has been our honor and privilege to watch and guide these athletes as they’ve grown and thrived and achieved more than they ever thought possible.

So, we are beyond excited about this year, another exciting one filled with adventures on every level!

Here is our first race results e-mail for 2019. ‘Tis the season for running!

Rock and Roll ½ Marathon
Vince Mazzocco – 1:40
Al Adli – 2:04
Mike Haenel – 2:03
Krisstin Hammond – 1:50 – her first ½ marathon!

Maui Oceanfront Marathon
Frank Smith – 5:14 – 1st in AG!

Indian Wells 70.3, Scottsdale Half Marathon, 12Ks of Christmas, Kiawah Island Marathon (SC)

Kathy Stanley

We hope you are having a nice week and are looking forward to the weekend! Here are some nice results from this past weekend:

Indian Wells 70.3
Alex Craviotto – 6:33 in her first 70.3!

Scottsdale ½ Marathon
Joe Dundas – 1:29 – 49th overall and 5th in his AG!
Kathy Stanley – 1:50 – 3rd in AG
Joan McGue – 2:17 – 6th in AG

12Ks of Christmas
Cheryl Stadlman – 1:22

Kiawah Island Marathon (SC)
Frank Smith – 4:39 – 28th in AG – Yes, two marathons in 7 days!

Hot Chocolate 15K, Long Beach Rock the Bay Marathon

We hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful cool air and rain! Perfect for running!!

Hot Chocolate 15K
Krisstin Hammond – 1:13 – 12th in AG. She PR’d her 5K and 10K bests along the way!
Rebecca Felmly – 2:10 – massive drop in pace per mile since the summer!


Long Beach Rock the Bay Marathon
Frank Smith – 4:53
This race was a throwback to the early days of endurance sport. There were 12 racers. The course was marked by chalk on the sidewalk. Timing was done with pencil, paper and watch. There was 1 water stop, 3 staff members, no volunteers and 2 spectators! Just 12 determined souls to run 26.2 miles. Frank finished 6 of 12!

Turkey Trots

We had quite a few Turkey Trotters during Thanksgiving week! Congrats to all of you!

Joan McGue – 60:13 – 3rd in AG
Al Adli – 52:26
Peter Ney – 40:30 – 3rd overall male!

Frank Smith ran the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10K. It was the 109th year of this race!! Frank finished in 54:33 and took 73rd of 414 in his AG!

Ironman Arizona

We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Bill and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our athletes, past and present, for your support. Put simply, we wouldn’t still be here, 15 years after starting this adventure, without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And to go with our thanks, here are some great results from IMAZ! The weather cooperated this last weekend and it was about as good as it gets at this race! Congratulations to everyone!

Ryan Clancey – 15:02 – 1st IM!
Joe Dundas – 12:42 – 1st IM!
Amy Engel– 16:47 – 10th IM!! Yes, 10th!!
Don Ennis – 14:47 – 1st IM!
Ryan Mitchell – 13:09 – 1st IM!
Abby Pfeiffer (pictured) – 13:59 – PR!!
Sorin Tohatan – 13:03 – 1st IM!
Jim Ustasiewski – 11:09 – PR and 8th in AG!!!