Anthem Sprint Tri

We hope you are all looking forward to a nice holiday weekend!

We want to recognize Matt Johnson who raced the Anthem Sprint Tri last weekend. Matt finished in 1:15 and took 1st in his AG! Matt will be racing AZ 70.3 later this fall.

Great job, Matt!

Mountain Man Olympic – AZ, Younglife Tri – MN

Susan Geib – Younglife Tri

Congratulations to everyone who raced last weekend! We want to especially recognize Joan McGue who raced her 13th Mountain Man Triathlon. Mountain Man is known as one of the toughest Olympic Distance races in the country!

Young Life Sprint Tri, MN
Susan Geib (pictured) – 1:29 – 1st in AG!

Mountain Man Olympic Tri, AZ
Joan McGue – 4:03 – 3rd in AG
Owen Smalley – 2:50 4ht in AG
Jon Byron (pictured) – 2:54 – 2nd in AG
Matt Johnson – 2:48 – 4th in AG

Great job, everyone!

Jon Byron – Mountain Man Tri

Northwoods Sprint Tri – MN, Everest Challenge – UT

Congratulations to Susan Geib (pictured) who raced the Nevis Northwoods Sprint Tri in MN last weekend and took first in her AG with a time of 1:35. Nice job Susan!

Russ Perry completed the Everest Challenge in Utah last week. This event is held at ski resorts around the country. The idea is to climb the same elevation (29, 029′) as Mt. Everest in one non-stop effort by completing laps up the ski resort’s mountain. Russ climbed 29,029 feet in a grueling 28:34! He said it was the hardest thing he has ever done! If any of you are looking for a new challenge then this might be worth looking into!

Have a great weekend!

USA Triathlon National Championships – Milwaukee, WI

Congratulations to Ed Wallis and Craig Conley of Memphis, TN. They both raced the USA Triathlon National Championships last weekend in Milwaukee, WI. Ed and Craig both raced the Olympic distance race on Saturday and the Sprint distance race on Sunday. This is a tough double to pull off! Ed finished the Olympic in 2:48 and the Sprint in 1:22. Craig finished the Olympic in 3:03 and followed that up with a 1:28 in the Sprint. Nice job guys!

Paul Revere 10-Miler (MI), AZ Road Racers Summer Series – 4 on the 4th

Congratulations to our athletes who raced on July 4th last week!

Paul Revere 10 Miler – MI
Mike Haenel – 1:37
Peter Haenel – 1:21
Katie Haenel – 1:32 (Katie and Mike are taking on the Chicago Marathon in Oct while Peter is doing Ironman Canada in Aug!)

AZ Road Racers Summer Series – 4 on the 4th (4-miler)
Joan McGue – 45:00 – 3rd in AG!

Great job, guys!

Ironman Coeur d’Alene

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone!

We want to offer a huge congrats to Jenifer Garner who finished her 18th Ironman race at Ironman Coeur d’Alene last weekend in 15:18! Fun fact: Jenifer has been our athlete since 2005!!! when she completed the inaugural IMAZ. Way to go, Jenifer!!!

Boulder 70.3 (CO), Concrete Man Olympic (MO), Mainly Marathon Series

Ed Wallis (L), Craig Conley (R) – Concrete Man Olympic Tri

We had some great results in the last couple of weeks!

Boulder 70.3
Ryan Searle – 7:15

Mainly Marathon Series NE
Frank Smith
PA – 8:08
NJ – 7:57
CT – 7:41
RI – 7:57
MA – 7:53
VT – 7:54
ME – 7:52

Concrete Man Olympic Tri, Missouri
Craig Conley – 3:04 – 3rd in AG!
Ed Wallis – 2:53 – 2nd in AG!

Congratulations, guys!