Looney Challenge Virtual Marathon, Global Energy Virtual 10K, Zion Trail Fest 10-mile run, Castle Creek Trip Olympic and Sprint

Our athletes raced virtually, in trail runs, and even competed in a local tri last weekend!

Finally . . .

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Michelle Muellner – ZION

Looney Challenge Virtual Marathon

Melissa Samuelson – 4:07

Global Energy Virtual 10K

Sorin Tohatan – 33:56!

Zion Trail Fest 10 mile run

Michelle Muellner (pictured) – 2:41 – 2nd in AG!

Castle Creek Tri Olympic

Brad Baumgardner – 3:21 – 3rd in AG!

Castle Creek Tri Sprint

Joan McGue – 2:11 – 2nd in AG!

Another photo from ZION!

New Roads Half IM -New Orleans, LA, Leaping Luchador 50K (virtual)

Kemp Conrad, DJ McCabe, Ed Wallis, Matt Haaga – New Roads Half IM, New Orleans

Congratulations to our first 70.3 finishers since the COVID outbreak! The New Roads ½ Ironman was held in New Orleans, LA, this past weekend. Ed Wallis finished in 6:16. Kemp Conrad finished in 5:36 and took 2nd in his AG! DJ McCabe came home in 5:16. Nice job guys!

Also, Frank Smith also kept his monthly marathon streak alive with a 7:06 finish in the Leaping Luchador 50K (virtual)!

Degray Lake Trifest – Arkansas

Actual races are starting to happen again! Kemp Conrad and DJ McCabe raced the DeGray Lake Olympic Triathlon in Arkansas. Kemp finished in 2:46 and took 1st in his AG! DJ finished in 2:39 and took 4th in his AG. These two will be racing the New Roads ½ Ironman next weekend in New Orleans. Nice job guys!!

Katy Trail 50K, Dutzow, MO

Frank Smith is at it again! He raced the Katy Trail 50K in Dutzow, MO this past weekend. Frank finished in 6:27 and took first in his AG. This raced marked the 8th consecutive year that Frank has finished a marathon or ultra-race each month. What a streak!!

The photo here is from our trio of Tennessee athletes (DJ McCabe, Kemp Conrad, and Ed Wallis) who raced the Buster Britton Triathlon in Alabama a couple of weeks ago.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Arizona Sunrise Series 5K

Catching up after Labor Day weekend . . .

Last week,JOAN MCGUE ran an actual race with 235 other competitors at Start Line Racing’s ARIZONA SUNRISE SERIES 5K here in Phoenix. Joan finished in 32:04 and took 1st in her AG!
Congratulations, Joan!

Buster Britton Triathlon – Alabama

Yes, we have race results!

We are fortunate to coach athletes from around the country, and in certain places, they are actually holding races!

Three of our athletes–DJ McCabe, Kemp Conrad, and Ed Wallis— raced the BUSTER BRITTON TRIATHLON in Alabama. This race holds a special place in our hearts as Anne raced here waaaaaay back in 1990 when we were stationed in Pensacola, FL, for flight school. Yikes! Fastest 30 years ever!

Anyhow, our athletes had some great performances:

DJ McCabe – 1:04 – 5th in AG

Kemp Conrad – 1:06 – 2nd in AG

Ed Wallis – 1:13 – 10th in AG

All three will be racing the New Roads ½ IM in LA in Sep. Nice job guys!!

The photo here is from another beautiful morning in the McDowells. 🙂

Swimming in Greece










Dan Muzich took lessons from me so he could swim from his boat. Before, he could only make it the length of the boat. Now, he swims a mile. He just sent these photos from Greece. No, not jealous AT ALL.

Flip Flops 50K – Ohio

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We’d like to congratulate Frank Smith who kept his monthly marathon streak alive by completing the Flip Flops 50K this past weekend in Ohio. Frank finished the 50K in 7:14 under hot and humid conditions. Nice job Frank!

Photo from McDowell Mountain Regional Park.


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