50-Mile Whiskey MTB, Zane Grey 50-mile ultra run, RAGNAR Trail Zion Relay, Pat’s Run, West Duathlon, CO, Rat Race 10K, OH, St. Anthony’s Tri, FL

RAGNAR Trail Zion Relay Marianna Heon 2014What a fun weekend for racing! It gets boring if every race is under calm winds and blue skies 🙂 . We want to especially recognize Darren West, Sheri Anne Nelson, and Marianna Heon. All three raced events held in brutal conditions and did well to finish.

Darren West raced the 50 Mile Whiskey 50 MTB race. The day started with freezing temperatures and hail and only got worse from there. Darren finished in 6:23. The DNF rate was over 50%.

Sheri Anne Nelson took on the Zane Grey 50Mile ultra run. The ZG is known as one of the hardest ultra runs around but the conditions this weekend made it so tough that the organizers had to shorter the 50 miler to a 53K. Sheri Anne finished strong in 8:16 and took 6th female and 57thoverall.

And finally, Marianna Heon ran the RAGNAR Trail Zion Relay in Utah. The picture with this post is from that race. Epic conditions or what?? Her team earned their medals and then some for this race!

Great guts Sheri Anne, Darren, and Marianna!

We also had athletes participate in Pat’s Run here in Tempe, the West Duathlon in Colorado, the Rat Race 10k in Ohio, and the classic, St. Anthony’s in Florida.

Pat’s Run

Steve Sharp – 43:25 – PR by over 11 min!

Sue Ann Perkinson – 41:50 – PR

Justin Roylance – 25:03

Kyrsten Sinema – 37:36

Dana Kennedy – 37:37

Mike Wallace – 26:54

Randy Shivers – 37:18 – PR!

West Duathlon, CO

Dorothy Waterhouse – 1:36 1st in AG – Dorothy is raving IM Boulder later this summer.

Rat Race 10k, OH

Frank Smith – Frank decided not to race a marathon this weekend and instead busted out a 50 min 10K and took 4th in his AG.

St. Anthony’s, FL

Ken Mantay – 3:11 – 13th in the Clydesdale division