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Riverbluff Olympic Tri – TN, Memphis 5-miler – TN, Beaver Chase Marathon – OH

Catching up on a few race results! Ed Wallis raced the Riverbluff Olympic Tri in TN last weekend. Ed finished in 3:02 and took 7th in his AG. Ed will be racing the Memphis 70.3 this Oct. Nice job Ed!

Also, Kemp Conrad raced the Memphis 5-mile run, finishing in 35:42 and placing 1st in his AG!

And finally, congratulations to Frank Smith for completing the Beaver Chase Marathon, OH in 5:55, keeping his monthly marathon streak alive!

Great job, guys!

USAT National Championships – Milwaukee; Boulder 70.3; Mountain Man Olympic; Leadville 100 MTB; Young Life Tri – Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Susan Geib – Young Life Tri, Detroit Lakes, MN

Lots of results to catch up on, so here we go!

Kemp Conrad raced in his first Triathlon National Championships in Milwaukee after only one year in the sport. He raced the Sprint and the Olympic distance races over the course of the weekend. He finished the sprint in 1:16 and the Olympic in 2:32. His Olympic time was a PR by 14 minutes!
Frank Smith raced the Boulder 70.3 on a day when Denver recorded the worst air quality in the world! The smoky skies did provide some heat relief, though. Frank finished in 7:09 and took 30th in his age group.
Maria Warner and Joan McGue raced the Mountain Man Olympic Tri in Flagstaff last weekend. This is one of the toughest Olympic races in the US and a longtime favorite of SW racers. Maria finished in 3:41 and took 4th in her AG while Joan finished in 4:22 and took 2nd in her AG!
During the same weekend, Carlos Diazcadena raced the Leadville 100-mile MTB race in Colorado. He finished the grueling, high altitude event in 11:47, earning the coveted Leadville 100 belt buckle!!! Way to go, Carlos! He is hoping to follow this race up with the 108-mile Barnburner race in September held in Flagstaff.
Finally, Susan Geib (pictured) finished first in her age group in the Young Life Sprint Tri held in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota! Susan completed the race in 1:28 – an 18-minute improvement from last year! Outstanding race, Susan!
Congratulations to all our awesome athletes!

5K Memphis, 4-mile Run – Maine, Alexandria Sprint Tri – Minnesota

Catching up on a few race results!
Congratulations to Kemp Conrad who ran a 5K in Memphis a couple of weeks ago and finished in 21:56. This was fast enough for 2nd in his AG! Kemp did this just one month after racing IM Coeur d’Alene. Kemp will compete in the Olympic and Sprint distance National Championships this weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He races the Olympic on Saturday and the Sprint on Sunday. Good luck Kemp!
Also, Toby Baum raced a 4-mile race in Maine last week and finished in 27:47! That is 6:55/mile pace! Toby placed 3rd in his AG and 28th overall! Nice job Toby!
Finally, we’d like to give a shout-out to Susan Geib who raced the Alexandria Sprint Tri in Alexandria, Minnesota, last weekend and finished in 1:28. Susan took 3rd in her AG!
Congratulations to all our athletes!

Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania, 8-hour Dream Endurance Run Ultra – Indianapolis

Congratulations to longtime Camelback Coaching athlete, Jona Davis, who successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro this past week. She relied on years of endurance training as a triathlete and then sharpened her fitness for this climb with running and hiking over the past year to be ready for this high altitude challenge. Kilimanjaro is one of the “Seven Summits,” topping out at 19,341 feet!
Also, Frank Smith ran the 8-hour Dream Endurance Ultra in Indianapolis. The race involves running as many miles over a looped course that you can in an 8-hour period. This was an actual event and not virtual! Frank covered 50Ks in 7:39 and took 4th in his AG!
Great job, guys!

Jalapeno 50K (virtual) – Ohio, July 4th 4-miler, Mountain Man Olympic, Mountain Lakes Sprint Tri – Alambama

Finally catching up after some time away. We’ve had some nice performances by our athletes in July!
Jalapeno 50K (virtual) – Ohio
Frank Smith – 7:33
July 4th 4-miler
Joan McGue – 42:24 – 2nd AG
Mountain Man Olympic
Andrew Broderick – 2:51 – 3rd AG
Mountain Lakes Sprint Tri – Alabama
Ed Wallis – 1:32 – 3rd AG – qualified for USAT Nationals!
Congratulations to all our athletes!

Ironman Coeur d’Alene (ID), Average Joe Sprint (MN), Anne Buffalo Sprint (TN), Brazos Beno 50K (OH)

Kemp Conrad – IMCDA

Happy 4th weekend!

Last weekend was brutal for racing. The heat dome over the west drove DNF rates to new highs at many marquee races. You know it’s bad when it reaches 121 degrees in British Columbia!!! Despite the temperatures, there were some notable race results to report. Nice job to everyone who got out there and faced that heat!
Ironman Coeur d’Alene (ID)
Kemp Conrad (pictured) – 14:11 his 1st ever Ironman!
Average Joe Sprint Tri (MN)
Susan Geib – 1:46 – 1st in her AG!
Anne Buffalo Sprint Tri (TN)
Ed Wallis – 1:46 – 11th in AG
Brazos Beno 50K (Virtual, OH)
Frank Smith – 7:00. Frank jeeps his monthly marathon streak alive and well!
Congratulations to all our athletes!

Hawaii 70.3, Show Low Olympic and Sprint, Startline 5K

We had a nice variety of racing last weekend, including a first Olympic tri finish for Tyler Crandall and a super windy Hawaii 70.3 for Mike Haenel! Congratulations to all our athletes!
Show Low Olympic Tri
Tyler Crandall – 3:57 – 2nd in his division in his first Olympic Tri!
Show Low Sprint Tri
Maria Warner – 2:05 – 1st in her AG!
Startline 5K (AZ)
Joan McGue – 30:28
Hawaii 70.3
Mike Haenel – 7:49 on a big-wind day on the Kona coast!

RAGNAR Zion, 4 x 4 x 48 Challenge, virtual Trot Peace and Love 50K

Good luck to everyone racing the Show Low tris this weekend, as well as Hawaii 70.3!
These past few weekends have included some nice events. Tyler Crandall ran in the RAGNAR Zion Trail relay race a couple of weeks ago. He’s racing in Show Low this weekend.
Frank Smith ran an unusual endurance event known as the 4x4x48 challenge. The idea is to run exactly 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. That comes out to 48 miles on no sleep. Frank completed it and added a few more extra miles for good measure. Frank also ran the virtual Trot Peace and Love 50K race this past weekend and finished a long training day in 6:29.
Finally, Inger Erickson and Jona Davis are training hard for their attempt on Mount Kilimanjaro. This photo is of Inger in Ouray, CO.
Have a great weekend!

St. George 70.3, Cactus Man

Sand Hollow Reservoir – St. George 70.3

It’s getting warm, but race season (actual racing) is upon us!

Congratulations to Jenifer Garner who raced St. George 70.3 on Sat. Jenifer finished in 7:10 in one of the first Ironman events to be held this year! (Picture is from race morning at Sand Hollow Reservoir).
Locally, it was great to welcome back Cactus Man – Olympic and Sprint tris – once again.
Joan McGue – 2:03 – 3rd in AG!
Melissa Samuelson – 1:32 – 3rd in AG and 11th overall female!
Andrew Broderick – 2:44 – PR!
Congratulations, guys!

Go! St. Louis (Virtual) Marathon

Good luck to everyone racing at CactusMan and St. George 70.3 this weekend! (How fun to finally be able to say something like this!)
Also, congratulations to Frank Smith who ran the Go! St. Louis Marathon. He finished the virtual race as a nice training run of 6:05 and kept his monthly marathon streak going!
Have a great weekend everyone!