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Ironman Arizona

Congratulations to our first-time Ironman finishers, Melissa Samuelson and Sean Byrnes, who competed at a windy IMAZ this weekend! Melissa finished in 13:53 and Sean in 15:58! They had both trained for a year getting ready for IMAZ last year when it was cancelled for COVID, so it was extra special for them to both cross the line this year. Great job, guys!

RAGNAR Trail Relay, Phoenix 10K, Veterans Day 5K

Happy IMAZ weekend!
Last weekend saw some good results from local races!
RAGNAR Trail Relay
Nanci Walker
Mike Haenel – 56:16
Joan McGue – 1:06 and 1st in AG!
Veteran’s Day 5K
Andrew Broderick – 20:38 – 3rd overall and 1st in AG!
Good luck to Melissa Samuelson and Sean Byrnes who are racing IMAZ today. They both had IMAZ cancelled on them last year due to COVID. It’s been a two year journey for them to get to do this race! Go get ‘em!!

Oceanside 70.3, Flying Pig Marathon – OH, Indianapolis Marathon, Phoenix 5K

Catching up on some race results! First, Kemp Conrad and Jared Roskelley had great races at Oceanside 70.3. Kemp had a PR 5:17 and finished 24th in his AG, and Jared finished his first Half in 8:02! Great job, guys!
Frank Smith finished the Flying Pig Marathon in 4:49 – 27th in his AG – two weekends ago. This year, in addition to keeping his monthly marathon streak alive, Frank is trying to accumulate biking and running miles that would equal crossing the United States. He is trying to do this in a calendar year and has just under two months to go. His run mileage for the year is up to 2,029 miles which is 83% of his goal. He covered 316 miles just in Oct! His bike mileage is up to 2,364 and is 92% of his goal. Frank also ran the Indianapolis Marathon last weekend and finished in 4:47. A sub 5-hour marathon after racing 4 marathons and ten 50Ks or longer over the past 8 weeks is amazing! Keep it going Frank!
Here is Phoenix, Scott and Melissa Weigand raced a local 5K. Scott finished in 36:35 while Melissa finished in 31:08 and took 3rd in her AG.
Congratulations to all our athletes!

Colfax Marathon – CO, Paris Marathon – France, Walkin’Tall 25K Trail Run – TN, AZ 70.3

Paris Marathon

Wow! What a crazy two weeks it has been. Our e-mail is back up and running and things are settling down. If you’ve sent us an e-mail that we haven’t yet responded to, please let us know!

We had several great performances during the last couple of weekends.
Frank Smith is having quite the October. He raced the Colfax Marathon (5:09 and 9th in AG!) in CO and then immediately followed that up with 4 consecutive 50Ks in NC, SC, GA and AL. Each 50K was done in 7:11 to 7:23. His monthly marathon or ultra streak is alive and well!
Nadine David finished her first marathon at the spectacular Paris Marathon last weekend. She finished in a strong 4:27!
Kemp Conrad ran the Walkin’ Tall 25K Trail Run in TN and finished in 2:56. This earned him 20th place overall and 8th in his AG! He also raced a 10-miler a week later and took 24th overall and 1st in his AG with a 1:14!
Jon Byron had a strong AZ 70.3. He finished in 6:16 on a hot, AZ day.
Congratulations to all our athletes!

Email disruption beginning Oct 15th and ongoing (through Oct 22nd)

Hello all! Bill and I have been experiencing a major email disruption. I’m getting emails returned that I sent as far back as Friday, Oct 15th! Please bear with us as we get this sorted out. The responses to your emails were all sent, but they’re stuck out there in the ether somewhere. Ugh!!! You can contact Bill and I through text. Email now anticipated to be restored by October 22nd. Thanks for your patience!

Breckenridge Marathon, Orange County Olympic Tri

Frank Smith – Breckenridge Marathon

Congratulations to Frank Smith and Luis Vidal on their races this past weekend!

Frank raced the Breckenridge Marathon in Colorado, finishing in 5:33 and taking 9th in his AG.

Luis raced the Orange County Olympic Tri in CA. This is one of the longtime classic races in the United States. Luis finished in 3:44 over this hilly course.

Great job, guys. And good luck to all our athletes at AZ 70.3 this weekend!

Memphis 70.3, USAT Long Course Nationals Aquabike (NY), Castle Creek Sprint and Olympic (AZ), Phoenix 5K, Twin Cities Marathon Weekend (MN)

Sandra Knox – USAT Long Course Nationals – Aquabike – NY

Congratulations to our athletes who raced last weekend! Great events across the country!

Memphis 70.3
Kemp Conrad – 6:09
Ed Wallis – 6:10
USAT Long Course National Championships Aquabike – NY
Sandra Knox (pictured) – 3:17 – 3rd in AG!!
Castle Creek, AZ Olympic Tri
Andrew Broderick – 3:07
Jared Roskelley – 4:01
Castle Creek Sprint Tri
Joan McGue (pictured) – 2:12 – 1st in AG!
Phoenix 5K
Melissa Wiegand – 31:14
Twin Cities Marathon Weekend (MN) – Melissa Samuelson completed the following races over a two day period!
10K – 53:49
5K – 25:28
10 Miles – 1:23
Nice job, everyone!

Joan McGue – Castle Creek Sprint – AZ

6 Mainly Marathon Series, Skull Valley Road Ride, Memphis 10K, Malibu Olympic

More great racing from our athletes these last couple of weeks! [The accompanying picture of this tortoise in no way reflects or characterizes their performances – ha! It was just cool to see a tortoise out in the wild in the McDowells!]
We would especially like to recognize Frank Smith who ran the 6 Mainly Marathon Series last week. This was an event where you ran a 50K each day for 6 days at different locations around middle of the country. Frank successfully finished each day and has now completed 188 marathons or ultra-events! His streak of running a marathon or ultra each month dates back to Oct 2012!!
Also, congratulations to Andrew, Kemp, and Ian, who raced across different parts of the country (see below)!
Skull Valley Road Ride – 54 miles
Andrew Broderick – 3:13
Memphis 10K
Kemp Conrad – 44:35 – 2nd in AG!
Malibu Olympic Tri
Ian Sohie – 3:26

Riverbluff Olympic Tri – TN, Memphis 5-miler – TN, Beaver Chase Marathon – OH

Catching up on a few race results! Ed Wallis raced the Riverbluff Olympic Tri in TN last weekend. Ed finished in 3:02 and took 7th in his AG. Ed will be racing the Memphis 70.3 this Oct. Nice job Ed!

Also, Kemp Conrad raced the Memphis 5-mile run, finishing in 35:42 and placing 1st in his AG!

And finally, congratulations to Frank Smith for completing the Beaver Chase Marathon, OH in 5:55, keeping his monthly marathon streak alive!

Great job, guys!