Canada 70.3, Juneau Marathon

Seems appropriate that I’m writing this post about a hot, hot, hot Canada 70.3 just after a massive dust storm passed through Phoenix early this evening (picture taken from Sunrise Trail in Scottsdale). Anyhow, so yeah, Canada was indeed a hot one this year–96 degrees in Whistler! Pat Haenel and his dad, Mike Haenel, finished the 70.3. though. Pat crossed the line in 5:49 and took 27th in his AG, while Mike covered the course in 7:03 and took 34th in his AG. Nice job guys!
In much cooler climes, Jim Ustasiewski ran the Juneau Marathon and clocked an impressive 3:28! This was 12 minutes faster than the Boston Qualifier time and earned him 2nd in his AG! Jim will be racing IMAZ later this year.