Capitolaman Aqua Bike, Water for Life 50K, Malibu Olympic, Hearts for Health 6-Hour Ultra Run

The fall race season is in full swing! Congratulations to everyone who raced this past weekend and good luck to everyone racing this coming weekend! Our athletes will race at Ironman Lake Tahoe as well as the Lifetime race in Tempe.

Capitolaman Aqua bike

Jenifer Garner – Jenifer finished this race  10 months after tearing her ACL/MCL. This was her first event back after the surgery.

Water for Life 50K

Kim Essendrup finished this grueling 50K as a training run. Kim is preparing for Roth 2015.

Malibu Olympic Tri

Will Rossiter – 2:19 – 5th in AG and 20th overall male. Will finished the race with a 39:40 run! He will be racing IMAZ this fall.

Sally Borg – 3:13 – 3rd in AG – Sally raced IM Canada in late July.

Hearts for Health 6 hour Ultra Run

Frank Smith – 31.4 miles covered – 6th overall place. Frank keeps his monthly marathon streak on track!