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Phoenix Half Marathon, Phoenix 10K, Phoenix 5K, Gilbert Half Marathon, Phoenix 10K Trail Race

Pre-race swim, IMAZ

Welcome to IMAZ weekend! It should be a great day for racing tomorrow! Ed Wallis and Craig Conley (pictured) jumped in for the pre-race swim and are ready and raring to go!

Here are some of the race results from last weekend. Great running weather!

PHOENIX 1/2 Marathon
Jake Metz – 1:55

Mike Haenel – 53:10

Joan McGue – 33:06 – 3d in AG!

PHOENIX 10K Trail race
John Pindar – 1:02

Gilbert 1/2 Marathon
Alex Elhilal – 1:44

Have a great weekend and good luck to everyone who is racing IMAZ!

New York City Marathon, Memphis Half Marathon, The Night Run – Scottsdale

Jennifer Delgado – New York City Marathon

It was a great weekend for racing last weekend. We hope you are all enjoying this wonderful fall weather!

The Night Run 5K
Jake Metz – 22:57 – 3rd overall male!

Memphis 1/2 Marathon
Kemp Conrad – 1:34 (just one week after the 70.3 World Championships!)

NYC Marathon (on one of the hottest NYC marathon days in the last 100 years!)
Jennifer Delgado – 5:36

Congratulations, everyone! Have a great weekend!

70.3 Worlds – St. George, UTMB points race – Puerto Vallarta (100K), Mount Everest Base Camp

Russ Perry – Everest Base Camp

Our Camelback Coaching athletes continue to impress!

Kemp Conrad raced his first World Championship event at the 70.3 Worlds in St. George, Utah last Saturday. Kemp finished in an impressive 5:23 over the hilly course.

Todd Silva raced the UTMB points race in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He ran the 100K event through the local jungles and mountains and finished in just over 17 hours at 17:16.

Over the past two weeks, Russ Perry has been trekking through Nepal on his way to Everest Base Camp. He reached camp and ascended even higher reaching 18,000′. Russ will be aiming for the Antarctica Marathon in March!

Congratulations to all our adventurous athletes!

Todd Silva – UTMB Points race – Puerto Vallarta, MX – 100K

AZ 70.3, Indian Creek 15-mi Trail Race (CO), Des Plaines River 50-miler (IL)

Josh Parks – AZ 70.3

Congratulations to everyone who raced last weekend! Those of you who raced AZ 70.3 did great jobs adapting to the Bike/Run format after the swim had been cancelled. You can only race the race that is presented!

AZ 70.3
Jake Metz – 5:05
Jon Byron – 4:45
Josh Parks (pictured) – 5:08
Lisa Volpentest – 6:14
Mike Volpentest – 5:11

Indian Creek 15-mile trail race (CO)
Ryan Searle – 3:45

Des Plaines River 50 miler
Terry Crowley – 11:18 (Terry’s second 50 miler this summer!)

Great job, everyone!

Memphis 5k, Whiskey Row Half Marathon, Castle Creek Sprint Tri

Miranda Crandall – Whiskey Row Half Marathon

Congratulations to Kemp Conrad, Miranda Crandall, and Joan McGue for their races over the last two weekends!

Kemp ran a 5K in Memphis and finished in 19:18. Going sub-20 min in a 5K is quite an achievement and is one third of running’s triple crown (20 min 5K, 40 min 10K, sub 3 hour marathon). Kemp finished 3rd overall male!

Miranda (pictured) ran the Whiskey Row Half Marathon in Prescott and finished in a personal best time of 2:41.

And long-time Camelback Coaching athlete Joan McGue raced the Castle Creek Sprint Tri. She finished in 2:19 and took 1st in her AG!

Great job, guys!

Augusta 70.3, Memphis 70.3

Ian Smith – August 70.3

Happy October everyone! First, we’d like to congratulate Ian Smith of Denver, CO. Ian completed his first 1/2 Ironman at the Augusta 70.3 last weekend in a time of 6:10! Nice job, Ian!

Congratulations also go out to Ed Wallis, Kemp Conrad and Craig Conley who raced Memphis 70.3 yesterday. Ed finished the course in 5:52, Kemp in 5:16, and Craig in 6:47. Great job, guys!

Craig Conley, Ed Wallis, Kemp Conrad – Memphis 70.3

Cotopaxi – Ecuador

Russ Perry – Cotopaxi – Ecuador

Russ Perry came oh so close to achieving his goal of climbing Cotopaxi (19,347 feet) in Ecuador. But as they say, it wouldn’t be an adventure if the outcome was known beforehand. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the stunning photo, Russ!

Victoria 70.3 – Canada, Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, Chattanooga 70.3

Congratulations to Liz Flint, Joan McGue, Ed Wallis, and Kemp Conrad on the completion of their events and adventures over the past two weeks!

Liz raced the Victoria 70.3 in Canada this past weekend. This race is one of the best races on the 70.3 calendar. If you ever get a chance to race in Canada, go for it. it! Liz finished the race in 7:46. Nice job Liz!

Longtime Camelback Coaching athlete, Joan McGue (pictured), hiked the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim. She traversed the canyon South to North and completed it in 13:17. Joan is an Ironman finisher and she felt like this hike was every bit as hard as finishing an IM! Well done Joan!

Finally, Ed Wallis and Kemp Conrad raced at Chattanooga 70.3. Conditions were hot and humid which makes any race tough, especially a long course race. Both did quite well though. Kemp finished in 5:23 while Ed set a new PR with a time of 6:06. Ed will be racing IMAZ later this fall. Good job guys!

Congratulations to all our athletes. We hope you have a great weekend!

Mount Rainier and Gulf Coast 70.3

Miranda Crandall – Mount Rainier

We want to recognize the achievements of two of our athletes from last week:

Miranda Crandall spent last week climbing Mount Rainier under some sketchy conditions. She made it up to 11,000 feet, but had to descend due to extreme avalanche conditions. There was over five feet of new snow at the 11,000-foot point. Getting to that point on America’s most glaciated volcano was quite an accomplishment!

Kemp Conrad raced Gulf Coast 70.3 last weekend. The race was changed from a triathlon to a duathlon at the last minute due to water conditions. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the world of triathlons, although it can really mess with many athletes’ minds. Being able to refocus after such a change to the race is a sign of mental toughness. Kemp did just that and finished the 56 mile bike/13.1 mile run in 4:18!

Congratulations to Miranda and Kemp!

Cactus Man Sprint and Olympic, Tupelo Sprint Tri – MS

Joan McGue – 3rd place – CactusMan

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! The AZ triathlon season really got going this past weekend with the Cactus Man Sprint and Olympic races and our athletes enjoyed some great finishes!

Cactus Man Sprint Tri
Pat Haenel – 1:17 – 1st in AG!
Joan McGue (pictured) – 2:06 – 3rd in AG!
Amanda Farr – 2:37
Lisa Volpentest – 1:44 – 4th in AG!

Cactus Man Olympic Tri
Jake Metz – 2:47 – 1st ever Olympic!
Laura McGhghy – 3:32
Andrew Broderick – 2:50
Mike Volpentest – 2:56
Jon Byron – 2:49 – PR!

Kemp Conrad also raced the Tupelo Sprint Tri in MS and finished in 52:50, taking 1st in his age group!

Congratulations to all our athletes!