Chattanooga 70.3, Tempe International

Pat Devine and Bill at Tempe Intl May 2016What a nice weekend for racing! I don’t think we’ve seen such mild weather at Tempe International in years! But first, we’d like to congratulate Dwight Lundell and Sharon Johnston who raced the Chattanooga 70.3 race in TN. Dwight finished in 6:19 and took 2nd in his AG. Sharon finished in 5:51 and took 6th in hers. Dwight and Sharon will both be in Mooloolaba, Australia for the 70.3 Worlds later this summer.

We had some great results at Tempe, including the overall winner of the sprint, Peter Ney! It was great to see everyone out there!

Tempe International Sprint

Peter Ney – 1:03 – 1st overall male!

Pat Haenel – 1:09 – 1st in AG!

Kory McCarthy – 1:09 – 3rd in AG

Kevin La Ra – 1:12 – 8th in AG

CJ Ketterer – 1:20 – 2nd in AG

Mike Haenel – 1:31 – 23rd in AG

Steve Sharp – 1:57 – 15th in AG

Tempe International Olympic

Pat Devine – 2:22 – 18th in AG

Tali Toncray – 2:24 – 2nd in AG

Sally Borg – 2:53 – 2nd in AG