Fiesta Bowl 5k and Half, 12Ks of Christmas, Kiawah, HI Marathon, Rodeo Beach Ultra 50K and 20K

The running season is in full swing! How nice is this weather . . . finally!

Fiesta Bowl 5K

Caroline Sekaquaptewa – 20:17 – PR! Took 1st in her AG and 14th overall female. Great run Caroline!

Fiesta Bowl ½ Marathon

Barb Wang – 2:00 – PR! Took 17th in her AG.

Kal Raman – 1:42 – 12th in AG. Kal is running the Chang’s Marathon next month.

12Ks of Christmas

Beth Lofquist – 1:11 – 13th in AG. Beth is training for the Phoenix Marathon in Feb.

Kiawah, HI Marathon

Frank Smith – 4:23 – 27th in AG. Frank keeps his streak going!

Rodeo Beach Ultra 50K and 20K

Kyrsten Sinema, Dana Kennedy, and Lindsey Buckman ran the Rodeo Beach Ultra in the Bay area. Kyrsten and Dana finished the 50K in just over 7 hours over a muddy course. Remember all that CA rain last week? Lindsey raced the 20K run. This race takes place in the Golden Gate National Rec Area – what a great place for a run! Congrats, girls!