Ironman Arizona

Mike Haenel – crusin’ the Beeline . . .

Congratulations to our five intrepid finishers from this year’s Ironman Arizona! The day was a hot one with no clouds in the sky and the wind on the Beeline Hwy was as strong as ever! We would especially like to recognize Russell Vanbeber who raced IMAZ one year after having serious knee surgery. It was a long journey but he went from a hospital bed to an IM in 12 months. The day was long, but he got there!


Joe Gervais – 13:19
Mike Haenel – 14:35 – 1st IM!
Abby Pfeiffer – 15:38 – 1st IM!
Marc Suarez – 14:49 – 1st IM!
Russell Vanbeber – 16:02

Time to start dreaming of the 2018 season!!