Ironman St. George 70.3, Wildflower Olympic, Monticello Man, Diamondbacks 5K, Chino Grinder, Salzburg Half Marathon, Esprit de She, Flying Pig Marathon

Jona Davis Chino Grinder podium May 2014We have a variety of races to report on from the weekend. Congratulations to Jona Davis who finished 1st overall female in the Chino Grinder, a 42-mile gravel road cycling event! Also, Cortney Ellish finished 2nd overall female in the Diamondbacks 5K! We also had strong performances at IMSG 70.3 on a tough, hot day. Congratulations to Kirk McCarville, Kirk Lacko, Justin Roylance and Russell Vanbeber!

Here are the rest of the results:

Ironman St. George 70.3

Kirk McCarville                      6:49     19th AG

Kirk Lacko                              5:23     25th AG

Justin Roylance                       5:06     40th AG

Russell Vanbeber                    6:08     158th AG

Monticello Man Olympic in Charlottesville, Va.

Todd Gibby – 3rd in his AG. Todd is racing the Raleigh 70.3 soon.

Wildflower Olympic

Mike Wallace              2:37     9th AG out of 120!

Diamondbacks 5K

Cortney Ellish 19:28   2nd overall

Chino Grinder 42-mile gravel road cycle

Jona Davis                   2:54     1st overall

Salzburg Half Marathon

Kim Essendrup           1:50     PR!

Esprit de She – Sprint

Galina Kelly                1:22     2nd AG

Kathy Stanley             1:23     2nd AG

Beth Lofquist              1:30     4th AG

Esprit de She – Olympic

Joan McGue                3:37     3rd AG

Dana Kennedy            3:05     6th AG

Kyrsten Sinema           3:36     20th AG

Elaine Rayski              3:31     25th AG

Flying Pig Marathon

Frank Smith                4:32


Great job everyone!