JCC Sprint and RAGNAR Relay

What a weekend for racing! Congratulations to everyone who raced the RAGNAR Relay! We’d especially like to give a big shout out to Toby Baum and SheriAnne Nelson who competed as part of a 3-man team – the only 3-man ultra team, in fact! Wow!

On Sunday, we had several people race the JCC Sprint Triathlon. The wind was blowing and it was cold!

JCC Sprint

Andy Cashetta – 1st in AG – 1:21

Steve Carlson – 1st Clydesdale – 1:19 1st ever tri!

Sam Unzek – 1st in AG – 1:22 1st ever tri!

Tyler Webb – 2nd in AG – 1:11

Michael Bennett – 2nd in AG – 1:22

Lou Ann Brennan – 2nd in AG – 1:44 Lou Ann will be competing in the Senior Olympics this summer in Ohio.

Ray Zanini – 3rd in AG – 2:19

Candice Shoemaker – 3rd Athena – 1:59

Kim Essendrup – 5th in AG – 1:21

Julie Dimond – 5th in AG – 1:45

Doug Ervin – 6th in AG – 1:23

Nick Carter – 7th in AG – 1:24 1st ever tri!

Eric Courtney –– 9th in AG – 1:26

Nice job!

Good luck to everyone racing the PHX ½ marathon and marathon this weekend as well as the Desert Duathlon! The race season is upon us!