Lifetime Fitness Tri, Pacific Northwest Regional Championships, Air Force Marathon, Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

Amy Engel podium Lifetime Tri 2014-09-23 12.46.12We had 7 age group winners this year at the Lifetime Fitness Tri – not bad!! Special mention to Kevin La Ra for his first ever podium placing–a win, no less!–in the sprint distance! Also, congratulations to Jake Pruett, who took first in his division at the US Para Tri National Championships, held in conjunction with the Lifetime Tri. And in the Pacific Northwest Regional Championships, hosted by the Portland Triathlon, Heather Grahame took 3rd in her age division.


Lifetime Sprint

Mike Wallace   1st   1:11

Kevin La Ra  1st  1:17

Matt Green  2nd  1:17

Kathy Stanley  1st  1:21

Jake Pruett  1st   1:30   This was a 7 min PR for Jake!

Amy Engel  3rd   1:31

Mike Haenel  12th  1:32

Adela Riehle  6th  1:33

Preston Miller  1st   1:42

Bo Micek  21st   1:43

Ken Mantay  1st   1:47

Lifetime Olympic

Cameron Donnell 24th 2:54     1st Olympic distance race!

Sally Borg 5th 3:13 – this despite crashing on the bike!

Troy Olhausen 20th 2:52     1st Olympic distance race!

Ted Morrison 33rd 3:11

Susy Signa 9th 3:25

Bret Scott 1st 3:01

Dina Scott 5th 3:39 1st Olympic distance race!

Caroline Sekaquaptewa 12th 3:16

Kyrsten Sinema 11th 3:26 – PR!

Galina Kelly  2nd 2:44

Portland Triathlon, Portland, OR –  Pacific Northwest National Championships

Heather Grahame 3rd 2:21

Air Force Marathon

Frank Smith 101st 4:32 – Frank has now run a marathon in 25 consecutive months!

Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

Barb Wang 2:08     6th – and this was out of 105 people in her division. Impressive!