Marquee and Leadman Tris, Boston Marathon 2013

From Boston, we have spoken with Kirk Lacko and he and his brother are fine. Kirk finished the race in 3:26 and was a couple of blocks away when the blast occurred. CJ Ketterer was a half mile from the finish when the explosions happened and his family was waiting just 100 yards away. They are all safe. Our deepest sympathies go out to all who were affected by this.

On a happier note, we have some wonderful race results to share from the Marquee and Leadman races. Camelback Coaching athletes were out in force this weekend – both on the course and on the awards podium. We had 34 total finishers and 15 of you stood on the podium!! In addition, G. Parekh raced the Firefly 5K in 19:44. He took 6th overall, 2nd in his age group, and PR’d by 20 seconds. We’d also like to recognize Lynnda Best-Wiss who hails from Boulder and trains with Anne’s Masters swim group. She took 1st place in her age group in the Marquee Sprint with a time of 1:27. Thanks to all of you for your outstanding efforts and for representing Camelback Coaching so well.

Marquee Sprint

SheriAnne Nelson        1st AG, 2nd OA 1:14

Preston Miller             1st AG               1:31

Kevin Engel                 2nd AG             1:13

Russell Vanbeber        2nd AG              1:24

Jim Siudut                    2nd AG              1:38

Toby Baum                  3rd AG              1:13

Ben Quillinan             3rd AG              1:24

Christina Willman       3rd AG              1:31

Nick Carter                  3rd AG              1:26

Rachael Quillinan       5th AG              1:28

Doug Ervin                  8th AG              1:29

Michael Bennett         8th AG              1:31

Kyrsten Sinema           9th AG              1:58

Lindsey Buckman        10th AG            2:23

Eric Courtney              11th AG            1:32

Sam Unzek                  11th AG            1:39

Elaine Rayski               11th AG            1:45


Dwight Lundell            1st AG              6:28

Dorothy Waterhouse 1st AG              6:25

Sharon Johnston          2nd AG            5:59

Marie Russell              12th AG           6:46

Jenifer Garner             16th AG           6:20

Tim Phelps                  60th AG           6:52

Marquee Olympic

Tom Hennessy             2nd AG            2:38

Patrick Haenel                        2nd AG              2:46

Mike Roth                   3rd AG             2:30

Sally Borg                    5th AG             3:19

Randy Speight             9th AG             3:00

Daniel Efune               14th AG           2:56

Jamie Cook                  15th AG            3:08

Cindy Rodarte                         15th AG           3:26

Matt Green                 22nd AG          3:02

Candice Shoemaker    24th AG           4:14

Jay Mellen