Nathan’s Triathlon, Las Vegas Triathlon, Xterra Nationals Trail Run

Lots of results to report for the weekend. We had some great performances, many PR’s, and the male and female overall winners for the sprint distance at Nathan’s. Here’s the rundown:

Xterra Nationals Trail Run

Jeanine Cordova              5th AG    1:52 This was the 55th fastest time of the day – male or female!

Las Vegas Triathlon

Stephan Barnes                9th AG    3:25        PR!

Cortney Ellish                     1st AG and 4th overall!   2:53         PR!

Justin Heideman              17th AG 3:45 PR!

Nathan’s – Sprint

Peter Ney                           1st OA    1:01

Adrienne Leblanc             1st OA    1:06 Adrienne will be racing the ITU World Championships next month in NZ.

Darren West                      7th AG    1:13

Tom Hennessy                  3rd AG   1:14 three weeks after IM Canada!

Jona Davis                           1st AG    1:16 Jona will also race at ITU worlds!

Pat Devine                          14th AG 1:17

G Parekh                             7th AG    1:19

Sal DiGiuseppi                   18th AG 1:21

Dana Price                           5th AG    1:22

Russell Vanbeber             15th AG 1:22

Kim Essendrup                  21st AG  1:23 Kim is racing IM Hawaii in two weeks!

Tim Vaudt                           27th AG 1:30

Preston Miller                   2nd AG   1:34

Joan McGue                       3rd AG   1:50

Wendy Orm                       19th AG 1:50

Nathan’s – Olympic

Paul Kluzak                         4th AG    2:15

Will Rossiter                       5th AG    2:15

Kirk Lacko                            6th AG    2:26

Kyle Yocom                         8th AG    2:26

Ben Quillinan                     15th AG 2:34        PR!

Shawn Ryan                       2nd AG   2:38

Henry Wright                     21st AG  2:39

Andy Cashetta                  7th AG    2:41

Doug Ervin                          29th AG 2:45

Rachael Quillinan              12th AG 2:48

Simon Willman                  14th AG 2:48

CJ Ketterer                         4th AG    2:49

Matt Green                        38th AG 2:52

Rigo Lopez                          51st AG  2:58

Rich Garrick                        60th AG 3:02

Dave Dwire                         44th AG 3:07        PR!

Weston Moore                 31st AG  3:13

Jay Mellen                          4th AG    3:15

Christina Willman             20th AG 3:24

Caroline Sekaquaptewa34th AG3:27

Elaine Rayski                      27th AG 3:36

Congratulations, guys!