Oceanside 70.3, Flying Pig Marathon – OH, Indianapolis Marathon, Phoenix 5K

Catching up on some race results! First, Kemp Conrad and Jared Roskelley had great races at Oceanside 70.3. Kemp had a PR 5:17 and finished 24th in his AG, and Jared finished his first Half in 8:02! Great job, guys!
Frank Smith finished the Flying Pig Marathon in 4:49 – 27th in his AG – two weekends ago. This year, in addition to keeping his monthly marathon streak alive, Frank is trying to accumulate biking and running miles that would equal crossing the United States. He is trying to do this in a calendar year and has just under two months to go. His run mileage for the year is up to 2,029 miles which is 83% of his goal. He covered 316 miles just in Oct! His bike mileage is up to 2,364 and is 92% of his goal. Frank also ran the Indianapolis Marathon last weekend and finished in 4:47. A sub 5-hour marathon after racing 4 marathons and ten 50Ks or longer over the past 8 weeks is amazing! Keep it going Frank!
Here is Phoenix, Scott and Melissa Weigand raced a local 5K. Scott finished in 36:35 while Melissa finished in 31:08 and took 3rd in her AG.
Congratulations to all our athletes!