P. F. Chang’s Marathon and Half Marathon, San Diego 50-Miler, Charleston Marathon

It’s all about the run, right? ūüôā

As usual, lots of performances to brag about from the weekend.

Here you go!

P.F. Chang’s Marathon

Gabi Wasserman 3:14 Р1st marathon!

Kirk Lacko 3:17 РPR!

Galina Kelly 4:08

Kyrsten Sinema 4:26 РPR!

Dana Kennedy 4:42

P.F. Chang’s Half Marathon

Jonathan Boyd 1:30

Caroline Sekaquaptewa  1:38

G. Parekh 1:46

Bella Panchmatia 1:55

Kyle Young¬† 1:58 ‚Äď PR!

Joan McGue 2:08

James Sun¬†2:08¬†‚ÄstPR¬†by 30 min!

Eric Courtney¬†2:09¬†– 1st¬†¬Ĺ marathon.

Barb Wang 2:12

Sally Borg 2:13 РPR!

Mary Ann Hopf¬†2:16¬†1st¬†¬Ĺ marathon.

Sue Ann Perkinson¬†2:16¬†1st¬†¬Ĺ marathon.

Lindsey Buckman 2:20 РPR!

San Diego 50-Miler

Todd Silva 8:51 Р21st OA, 3rd AG 1st 50 miler. This is a very impressive time for someone’s first foray into Ultra-running. Todd is hoping to compete in a 100 mile run later this year.

Charleston Marathon

Frank Smith 4:34 Frank keeps his monthly marathon streak alive!