Phoenix 10K, Dead Horse 50-mile Run – Moab, Ironman Arizona

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Congratulations to our race finishers in the Phoenix 10K, the Dead Horse 50-mile Run in Moab, and of course, Ironman Arizona!

Phoenix 10K
Joan McGue – 67:34 – 5th in AG!
Seann Matthews – 41:44

Ed Wallis and Craig Conley – Dead Horse 50-mile Run – Moab

Dead Horse 50 Mile run – Moab, UT
Ed Wallis – 11:48
Craig Conley – 12:19

Ironman Arizona
Kemp Conrad – 15:15 – great finish as he dealt with a bad knee for the entire run!
Jimmy Boswell – 13:17 – 1st Ironman!
Monica Parks – 15:55 – 1st ironman!
Matt Dorr – 12:24 – 1st Ironman!
Mike Volpentest – 13:24 – PR by over 2 hours!

Have a great weekend!







New York City Marathon, Ironman Florida

Kathryn Battock – NYC Marathon

Congratulations to Kathryn Battock who raced the prestigious NYC Marathon. She finished with a smile on her face in 4:48!

Congrats also go out to Frank Smith who raced Ironman Florida this past weekend. This was an achievement all on its own, as he has spent most of this year recovering from a leg injury that prevented any weight bearing activity in the first half of the year. He was soon cleared to walk, and then, finally, run mid-summer. This was his 7th Ironman finish!

Great job, guys!

IM California, Canyonlands Marathon – UT, Queen Bee Half Marathon – OH

Congratulations go out to Nick Platais, Frank Smith, and Ed Wallis this week!

Nick Platais raced IM California on Oct 22nd. This was his first Ironman and he finished in a strong time of 11:25!

Frank Smith is firmly back into his running groove and finished the Queen Bee 1/2 marathon in OH this past weekend in a time of 2:32.

Ed Wallis ran the rugged Canyonlands Marathon in Moab, UT and finished in a time of 5:46.

Nice job, guys!

Oktoberfest 10k – WA, Fort Walton Beach 5K

Congratulations to Mike Volpentest who raced the Oktoberfest 10K in WA and finished in 50:35. He took 6th in his AG!

Kemp Conrad raced a 5K in Fort Walton Beach, FL and finished in an impressive time of 19:36!

Good luck to everyone racing AZ 70.3 this weekend and to Nick Paltais who is racing Ironman California!

Chicago Marathon, Ann Arbor Marathon, Castle Creek Olympic and Sprint Tri and Olympic Duathon

Katie and Mike Haenel (daughter and father!) Chicago Marathon

Lots of racing over the last two weekends! Congratulations, guys!

Ann Arbor Marathon
Frank Smith – 6:36 – Frank will be racing IMFL soon!

Castle Creek Olympic Tri
Monica Parks – 3:16 – Monica will be racing IMAZ in Nov.

Castle Creek Olympic Duathlon
Andrew Broderick – 4th overall!

Castle Creek Sprint Tri
Joan McGue – 2:15 – 1st in AG!

Chicago Marathon
Mike Haenel – 4:58
Katie Haenel – 4:58
Father and daughter finish together!

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, Augusta 70.3, Muncie 70.3

Frank Smith (second from left) – Augusta 70.3

More highlights from our impressive athletes!

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim
Kemp Conrad – 19:36 to cover the 48 miles!

Augusta 70.3
Frank Smith has fought his way back from a serious leg injury this year and completed his first 70.3 since the injury at the Augusta 70.3 Frank finished in 7:15.

Muncie 70.3
Ed Wallis – 5:54
Craig Conley – 6:18

Ed Wallis and Craig Conley – Muncie 70.3

Anthem Sprint Tri

We hope you are all looking forward to a nice holiday weekend!

We want to recognize Matt Johnson who raced the Anthem Sprint Tri last weekend. Matt finished in 1:15 and took 1st in his AG! Matt will be racing AZ 70.3 later this fall.

Great job, Matt!

Mountain Man Olympic – AZ, Younglife Tri – MN

Susan Geib – Younglife Tri

Congratulations to everyone who raced last weekend! We want to especially recognize Joan McGue who raced her 13th Mountain Man Triathlon. Mountain Man is known as one of the toughest Olympic Distance races in the country!

Young Life Sprint Tri, MN
Susan Geib (pictured) – 1:29 – 1st in AG!

Mountain Man Olympic Tri, AZ
Joan McGue – 4:03 – 3rd in AG
Owen Smalley – 2:50 4ht in AG
Jon Byron (pictured) – 2:54 – 2nd in AG
Matt Johnson – 2:48 – 4th in AG

Great job, everyone!

Jon Byron – Mountain Man Tri