TN 1-mile run, San Tan Scramble – 50K Trail Run

Excited to start out this new year with some great running race results!

Kemp Conrad ran a 1-mile race in TN. Running one mile as hard as you can is brutal. Kemp ran an impressive 5:46 and took 1st place in the Grand Masters Division!

Alex Elhilal ran the San Tan 50K trail race in AZ. While not as fast as running one mile, running 50K is brutal in its own way! Alex finished in 7:51 finishing his first ultra marathon!

Have a great weekend and good luck to everyone running the Rock and Roll races in PHX!

Happy 20th Anniversary to Camelback Coaching!

Life is so crazy lately, it took one of our first athletes (that’s you, Sue Berliner!) to remind us that we just passed the 20-year mark for opening our coaching business.

No way this would have been possible without the support of our athletes, your word-of-mouth recommendations, and your return trips for coaching, sometimes 5, 10, or 15 years after the first time you signed with us.

I especially love seeing all the friends we’ve made over these past 20 years pass by and wave or chat while I’m coaching on the pool deck. Bill and I have coached you, your children, and sometimes, even your grandchildren! It’s nuts.

But it has been and continues to be an honor and a privilege to serve our endurance sports community. We are so blessed.

Here’s to 2024, and hopefully, many more years of helping all of you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!

Hot Chocolate 15K, Estrella Mountains 24K Trail Race, Arizona Falls 5K

Hot Chocolate 15K

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year! Nice to round out the season with a few of the classic AZ running races!

Hot Chocolate 15K
Jon Byron (pictured, 2nd from left) – 1:05 – 34th overall and 1st in AG!

Estrella Mtns 24K Trail race
Robin Blankenbaker – 3:08 – 5th overall female, 1st in AG!

Arizona Falls 5K
Joan McGue 31:44

Congratulations, guys, and happy holidays!

Anthem Sprint Tri, Kiawah Island Marathon, SC

Anthem Holiday Classic

We hope you all had a nice weekend! Great race results from last week!

Anthem Sprint Tri, AZ
Matt Johnson – 1:19 – 3rd in AG!
Brett Yanofsky – 1:18 – 3rd in AG!
Jon Byron (pictured) ran the 5K run leg of his relay team in 22:15 and the team took 1st place!

Kiawah Island Marathon, SC
Frank Smith – 5:22

Great job, everyone!

LaQuinta 70.3, Kiwanis 5K, Cincinnati Thanksgiving 10K, Hungry Turkey Half Marathon

Catching up on race results!

A special shout-out goes to our La Quinta 70.3 finishers from last weekend. Alex Elhilal and Matt Denzer raced in their first 70.3 triathlons at this race. Alex finished in 7:03 while Matt crossed the line in 8:17. Nice job guys!

And on the running front . . .

Kiwanis 5K
Peter Ney – 18:38 – 3rd overall!

Cincinnati Thanksgiving 10K (114th edition!)
Frank Smith – 1:38 – ran with 10,000 other racers!

Hungry Turkey 1/2 Marathon (a few days after the 10K!)
Frank Smith – 2:23

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Phoenix 10K, Dead Horse 50-mile Run – Moab, Ironman Arizona

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Congratulations to our race finishers in the Phoenix 10K, the Dead Horse 50-mile Run in Moab, and of course, Ironman Arizona!

Phoenix 10K
Joan McGue – 67:34 – 5th in AG!
Seann Matthews – 41:44

Ed Wallis and Craig Conley – Dead Horse 50-mile Run – Moab

Dead Horse 50 Mile run – Moab, UT
Ed Wallis – 11:48
Craig Conley – 12:19

Ironman Arizona
Kemp Conrad – 15:15 – great finish as he dealt with a bad knee for the entire run!
Jimmy Boswell – 13:17 – 1st Ironman!
Monica Parks – 15:55 – 1st ironman!
Matt Dorr – 12:24 – 1st Ironman!
Mike Volpentest – 13:24 – PR by over 2 hours!

Have a great weekend!







New York City Marathon, Ironman Florida

Kathryn Battock – NYC Marathon

Congratulations to Kathryn Battock who raced the prestigious NYC Marathon. She finished with a smile on her face in 4:48!

Congrats also go out to Frank Smith who raced Ironman Florida this past weekend. This was an achievement all on its own, as he has spent most of this year recovering from a leg injury that prevented any weight bearing activity in the first half of the year. He was soon cleared to walk, and then, finally, run mid-summer. This was his 7th Ironman finish!

Great job, guys!

IM California, Canyonlands Marathon – UT, Queen Bee Half Marathon – OH

Congratulations go out to Nick Platais, Frank Smith, and Ed Wallis this week!

Nick Platais raced IM California on Oct 22nd. This was his first Ironman and he finished in a strong time of 11:25!

Frank Smith is firmly back into his running groove and finished the Queen Bee 1/2 marathon in OH this past weekend in a time of 2:32.

Ed Wallis ran the rugged Canyonlands Marathon in Moab, UT and finished in a time of 5:46.

Nice job, guys!

Oktoberfest 10k – WA, Fort Walton Beach 5K

Congratulations to Mike Volpentest who raced the Oktoberfest 10K in WA and finished in 50:35. He took 6th in his AG!

Kemp Conrad raced a 5K in Fort Walton Beach, FL and finished in an impressive time of 19:36!

Good luck to everyone racing AZ 70.3 this weekend and to Nick Paltais who is racing Ironman California!