Panama 70.3, Winterlaufserie Munchen 10K, Mercedes Marathon-Birmingham, AL, Lost Dutchman 8K, 10K, Half Marathon

Kim Essendrup Feb 2014 Congratulations to Toby Baum who raced Panama 70.3 this weekend. He finished in 4:48, his first time under 4:50 in the 70.3 distance. He placed 10th in his age group and was the first American finisher in his age group. Best of all, he qualified for the 70.3 World Championships to be held in Canada later this summer. Nice job Toby!

In keeping with the international flavor of our results, congratulations goes out to Kim Essendrup who raced the Winterlaufserie Munchen 10K in Germany this past weekend. Kim took 6th overall male with a time of 49:40. And you gotta love racing in Germany where they served beer at the finish line! See photo.

Stateside, Frank Smith completed the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, AL in a time of 4:23. Frank was 39th in his age group.

And finally, closer to home, we had athletes participate in the Lost Dutchman 8k, 10k, and Half Marathon. Congratulations to Chelly Alore (51:09 in the 8K), Rebecca Felmly (1:45 in the 10K), and Elaine Rayski (2:21 in the Half Marathon).

Great job everyone!