Runner’s Den 5K and 10K and Orcas Island 50K Trail Run

This last weekend was awesome for racing! We had runners compete in the Runner’s Den 5K and 10K as well as an the Orcas Island 50K trail run in WA.

Congratulations to Barb Wang who ran the Runner’s Den 10K in 56:09. She took 9th place in her division.

Gabi Wasserman ran the 10K in 39:00 and took 3rd place in his division. Most importantly, he put on a clinic for intelligent pacing. Look at these splits!

Mile 1 – 6:37

Mile 2 – 6:28

Mile 3 – 6:18

Mile 4 – 6:12

Mile 5 – 6:10

Mile 6 – 6:04

CJ Ketterer did the 5K and the 10K. He finished the 5K in 23:03 taking 10th in his division, and then followed this up 45 minutes later with a time of 48:31 in the 10K. This was good enough for 7th in his division.

Up in Orcas Island, Washington, Todd Silva ran the difficult Orcas Island 50K trail run and finished in 6:52. He placed 90th overall out of 241 racers. Todd will be racing the Boston Marathon in April.

Congratulations, everyone!