Victoria 70.3 – BC, Canada; Great American River Half Marathon – TN; CapTex Olympic Tri – TX; Deuces Wild Sprint Tri – AZ; Chattanooga 70.3 – TN; Colfax Marathon – CO

Aga and Dayn Pefferle – Victoria 70.3

Congratulations to everyone who raced these past couple of weekends! We had some really nice results!

Dayn Pefferle and Aga Pefferle completed the Victoria 70.3 as a relay – BC, Canada! Cold, wet, and muddy, but a great experience!

Great American River 1/2 Marathon, TN
Kemp Conrad – 1:35 and 1st over 50!

CapTex Olympic Tri, TX
Jack York – 2:39 – 1st ever Olympic distance tri!

Deuces Wild Sprint Tri, AZ
Jon Byron – 1:29 – 1st in AG and State Champion!

Craig Conley raced the Chattanooga 70.3 and finished in 6:35 on a brutally hot day!

Father and son team, Frank and Ian Smith, raced the Colfax Marathon in CO. Frank finished in 5:51 while Ian finished in 4:16.

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Jon Byron – Deuces Wild Sprint Tri

Kemp Conrad (right) – Great America River Half Marathon