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Camelback Coaching


Private Swim Lessons


We coach swimming to people with a wide range of ability levels:

  • Adults who have never learned to swim
  • Those who are anxious in the water or have a fear of the water, perhaps due to a near-drowning experience
  • The athlete who competes in triathlon or wishes to compete in triathlon and is looking to gain efficiency and speed (if you're a fit runner or cyclist and can't understand how you can be out of breath after two lengths of swimming, this curriculum is for you!)
  • The swimmer who wishes to compete at the highest levels of USA Masters Swimming
  • The open water swimmer who wishes to compete in long-distance, endurance swim events
  • Those preparing for military special forces testing that need to learn and master combat side stroke, underwater swimming, treading water, and equipment swims
Total Immersion Coach Certification

The coach

Anne Wilson has been teaching swim technique full-time since 2004. She is a former collegiate swimmer (United States Naval Academy), a Total Immersion Level 3 Coach, and is certified by the American Swimming Coaches Association.

The methodology

Anne uses the Total Immersion teaching methodology in her instruction. This is a world-renowned swim coaching methodology that emphasizes proper technique and a dedication to mindful swimming practice.

Total Immersion


All swim lessons are taught at McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center,15525 N Thompson Peak Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.


Regardless of ability level, this is one of the best athletic investments you'll ever make. You can take these swimming skills with you and use them for the rest of your life.

Make the choice now to change the way you swim forever.

See what our athletes are saying! Click here for testimonials.

Private swim lesson—$110

Semi-private instruction (2 people)—$65
(3 - 4 people)—$50



Underwater Video Analysis

We videotape your stroke both above and below the water from several angles. Every component of your stroke is then analyzed using motion analysis software that allows frame-by-frame viewing.

  • Body position
  • Balance
  • Alignment
  • Core rotation
  • Stroke timing
  • Recovery
  • Breathing
  • Kicking
  • Catch mechanics

Technique revisions and recommendations will be discussed to help correct stroke inefficiencies.

The swim video analysis session also serves as a course in swim theory and gives a nice overview of the swim lessons that usually follow (the how's and why's behind drills, for example). You learn where you are currently, where you need to go, and how you are going to get there.

Underwater video analysis—$250



Total Immersion Swim Package
McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center

This package is for the person who would like an in-depth, concentrated focus on swimming improvement. You will learn sound swim theory, including the fundamentals that world class athletes employ, and yet, are applicable to every swimmer.

You will begin with a swim video analysis session and follow this with 4 private swim sessions.

You will be instructed, component by component, on every aspect of the swim stroke beginning with a proper foundation that includes proper balance, alignment, and body position. You will then learn proper stroke timing, core body movement and an effective catch. Finally, you will learn an efficient recovery and balanced breathing.

If you are serious about fundamentally changing your swim stroke, then begin right here. You will learn skills to last a lifetime.

The Total Immersion Swim Package includes:
  • Underwater swim video analysis session
  • 4 private one-hour swim sessions

Total Immersion Swim Package—$550



Total Immersion Swim Package
Open-water instruction includes focus on the following open-water swimming techniques:
  • Sighting
  • Navigation
  • Rounding buoys
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mass start considerations
  • Drafting
  • Beach entry and exit
  • Deep-water starts
  • Wetsuit donning and doffing
  • Open water swim equipment considerations

If you're nervous about swimming in the open water, this is a great way to help calm your fears before your next event. Or, maybe you'd just like some pointers on how to swim in the open-water more effectively. Either way, the session will be tailored to you and your unique needs.

Private open water swim instruction—$200

Semi-private open water swim instruction (2 people)—$110
(3 - 4 people)—$75

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