6 Mainly Marathon Series, Skull Valley Road Ride, Memphis 10K, Malibu Olympic

More great racing from our athletes these last couple of weeks! [The accompanying picture of this tortoise in no way reflects or characterizes their performances – ha! It was just cool to see a tortoise out in the wild in the McDowells!]
We would especially like to recognize Frank Smith who ran the 6 Mainly Marathon Series last week. This was an event where you ran a 50K each day for 6 days at different locations around middle of the country. Frank successfully finished each day and has now completed 188 marathons or ultra-events! His streak of running a marathon or ultra each month dates back to Oct 2012!!
Also, congratulations to Andrew, Kemp, and Ian, who raced across different parts of the country (see below)!
Skull Valley Road Ride – 54 miles
Andrew Broderick – 3:13
Memphis 10K
Kemp Conrad – 44:35 – 2nd in AG!
Malibu Olympic Tri
Ian Sohie – 3:26