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AZ 70.3, Indian Creek 15-mi Trail Race (CO), Des Plaines River 50-miler (IL)

Josh Parks – AZ 70.3

Congratulations to everyone who raced last weekend! Those of you who raced AZ 70.3 did great jobs adapting to the Bike/Run format after the swim had been cancelled. You can only race the race that is presented!

AZ 70.3
Jake Metz – 5:05
Jon Byron – 4:45
Josh Parks (pictured) – 5:08
Lisa Volpentest – 6:14
Mike Volpentest – 5:11

Indian Creek 15-mile trail race (CO)
Ryan Searle – 3:45

Des Plaines River 50 miler
Terry Crowley – 11:18 (Terry’s second 50 miler this summer!)

Great job, everyone!

Colfax Marathon – CO, Paris Marathon – France, Walkin’Tall 25K Trail Run – TN, AZ 70.3

Paris Marathon

Wow! What a crazy two weeks it has been. Our e-mail is back up and running and things are settling down. If you’ve sent us an e-mail that we haven’t yet responded to, please let us know!

We had several great performances during the last couple of weekends.
Frank Smith is having quite the October. He raced the Colfax Marathon (5:09 and 9th in AG!) in CO and then immediately followed that up with 4 consecutive 50Ks in NC, SC, GA and AL. Each 50K was done in 7:11 to 7:23. His monthly marathon or ultra streak is alive and well!
Nadine David finished her first marathon at the spectacular Paris Marathon last weekend. She finished in a strong 4:27!
Kemp Conrad ran the Walkin’ Tall 25K Trail Run in TN and finished in 2:56. This earned him 20th place overall and 8th in his AG! He also raced a 10-miler a week later and took 24th overall and 1st in his AG with a 1:14!
Jon Byron had a strong AZ 70.3. He finished in 6:16 on a hot, AZ day.
Congratulations to all our athletes!

Email disruption beginning Oct 15th and ongoing (through Oct 22nd)

Hello all! Bill and I have been experiencing a major email disruption. I’m getting emails returned that I sent as far back as Friday, Oct 15th! Please bear with us as we get this sorted out. The responses to your emails were all sent, but they’re stuck out there in the ether somewhere. Ugh!!! You can contact Bill and I through text. Email now anticipated to be restored by October 22nd. Thanks for your patience!

Ironman Coeur d’Alene (ID), Average Joe Sprint (MN), Anne Buffalo Sprint (TN), Brazos Beno 50K (OH)

Kemp Conrad – IMCDA

Happy 4th weekend!

Last weekend was brutal for racing. The heat dome over the west drove DNF rates to new highs at many marquee races. You know it’s bad when it reaches 121 degrees in British Columbia!!! Despite the temperatures, there were some notable race results to report. Nice job to everyone who got out there and faced that heat!
Ironman Coeur d’Alene (ID)
Kemp Conrad (pictured) – 14:11 his 1st ever Ironman!
Average Joe Sprint Tri (MN)
Susan Geib – 1:46 – 1st in her AG!
Anne Buffalo Sprint Tri (TN)
Ed Wallis – 1:46 – 11th in AG
Brazos Beno 50K (Virtual, OH)
Frank Smith – 7:00. Frank jeeps his monthly marathon streak alive and well!
Congratulations to all our athletes!


We are still unable to receive emails at It looks like is working. If you need to get a hold of Bill, we are still receiving emails at So please use this for now if you need to reach Bill or just text. Thanks again for bearing with us as we endeavor to get this fixed.

Email error messages from Camelback Coaching

EMAIL UPDATE FOR BOTH ANNE AND BILL – AUG 5TH – We are both having problems with our email now When you send emails to us, they are getting kicked back to you with error messages. So, for now, if you need to get a hold of us, texting would probably be the best option. So sorry about this. It has been over a week now that our emails have been acting up. We hope we can get this resolved shortly.

Email Update for Anne as of August 5th

EMAIL UPDATE FOR ANNE: Still having difficulties as of August 5th. If you send me an email, most likely, I have received it, but you will most likely get an error message saying your email was not delivered because my mailbox quota had been exceeded. I apologize for this inconvenience. Hope to have it cleared shortly.

Admin note – Anne’s email not working as of Sunday, July 26th

Just a quick administrative note. Anne is having trouble with her email. She can receive okay, but she can’t send anything. SO, if you’ve sent her an email from as far back as Sunday, July 26th, and have not received a response, that is why. If you have Anne’s cell, you can text her. If you’re a new athlete, just send us a FB message and we can connect that way. Sorry about this!