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AZ 25K Trail Race, Chattanooga 70.3 (TN), Colfax Half Marathon (CO), Mainly Marathon Series (OK, MO, KS, NE, IA)

Catching up on race results from the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to our athletes who had some outstanding performances!

25K Trail Race – AZ
Jimmy Boswell – 3:02

Chattanooga 70.3
Craig Conley – 6:15
Gretchen Pearson – 6:49 – 1st ever tri!

Colfax 1/2 Marathon, CO
Frank Smith – 3:32*

*Also, two weeks ago, Frank walked five marathons in five days!

Mainly Marathons Series
Miami, OK – 7:38
St. Joseph, MO – 7:43
Hiawatha, KS – 7:54
South Sioux City, NE – 8:05
Sioux City, IA – 7:40

Congratulations to all our athletes and have a great week!

London Marathon, Cactus Man Olympic and Sprint, Cape Girardeau, MO Marathon, and Vienna, IL Marathon

Jennifer Delgado – London Marathon

We hope you had had a nice week and are looking forward to a great weekend! Congratulations to everyone who raced last week!

London Marathon
Jennifer Delgado (pictured)- 5:04

Cape Girardeau, MO Marathon and Vienna, IL Marathon
Frank Smith – 7:44 and 8:19

Cactus Man Olympic Tri
Matt Johnson – 2:56
Monica Parks – 3:09
Josh Parks – 2:56
Andrew Broderick – 2:48
Jimmy Boswell – 3:02 – 1st tri ever!

Cactus Man Sprint Tri
Mitch Woody – 1:21 – 3rd in AG – 1st tri ever!
***Joan McGue – 2:06***

We would like to call special attention to Joan McGue. Joan has been an athlete of ours since 2007!!! This race marked the 85th triathlon she has raced in! The list includes sprints, olympics, 70.3 and full Ironman races. She has also represented the USA at the age group World Championships! We are so proud of you, Joan! You are an amazing athlete and just a freaking great person, in general, and an inspiration to all of us!

Pat’s Run (AZ), Amasa 25K Trail Race (Moab, UT), Chandler 5K, Tupelo Sprint Tri (MS)

Ed Wallis – Amasa 25K Trail Race – Moab, UT

We’ve had some awesome performances by our athletes over the last couple of weeks!

Pat’s Run (AZ)
Alex Elhilal – 31:13
Lisa Volpentest – 42:04
Mike Volpentest – 31:34

Moab, UT 25K Amasa Trail Race
Ed Wallis (pictured) – 3:22

Chandler, AZ 5K
Josh Parks – 21:35 – 12th overall and 2nd in AG!

Tupelo, MS Sprint Tri
Kemp Conrad – 1:01 – 1st Grand Master!

Congratulations, everyone!

Big Buffalo 50K (TN), Oceanside 70.3 (CA)

Brothers Peter and Pat Haenel – Oceanside 70.3

We hope you are enjoying the nice Spring weather! We just wanted to highlight a few race results from the past couple of weekends.

Big Buffalo 50K (TN) – this was a tough, muddy trail race
Ed Wallis – 6:36
Kemp Conrad – ran in a relay team and completed his 10K in 50:58. His team took 1st in their division.

Oceanside 70.3 – one of the biggest early season 70.3s in the country
Jenifer Garner – 7:09
Peter Haenel (pictured) – 5:40
Pat Haenel (pictured) – 5:43
Mike Haenel – 7:26

Lastly, Frank Smith of Cincinnati, OH, continues his rehab from a leg injury that limits him to walking. He walked 5 southern marathons in 5 days last week.
TX – 7:44
TX – 8:02
FL – 8:17
GA – 8:03
TN – 8:43

Congratulations to all our athletes! Have a great weekend!

Tri for the Cure, Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon, TX

Frank Smith – Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon

We had some great performances over the past couple weeks!

Tri for the Cure, AZ
Matt Johnson – 1:17 – 1st tri!
Joan McGue – 1:47 – 4th in AG

Also, Frank Smith (pictured, in kilt!) has been recovering from an unusual fracture in his leg (knee) over the past few months but has been cleared to walk some spring marathons. This weekend, he finished the Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon in Texas in a time of 7:44. His knee held up and he is on track to race Ironman Florida later this year! This was his 225th marathon or ultra distance race!

TN 5K, 10K, Half; Mesa Marathon and Half Marathon, Mississippi River Half Marathon, Pancake 10K Phx

We had some great running races last week! Ed Wallis had a particularly big weekend in TN as he raced a 10K and a 5K on Saturday. He finished in 53:00 for the 10K and 25:20 in the 5K. On Sunday, he ran a 1/2 marathon in 2:02! Ed is getting ready for his first 50K in a few weeks.

Mesa Marathon
Alex Elhilal – 3:56 – sub 4!

Mesa 1/2 Marathon
Jennifer Delgado – 2:25 – Jennifer will be racing the London Marathon in a few months.

Mississippi River 1/2 Marathon (MS)
Gretchen Pearson – 1:49 – 1st in AG!

Pancake 10K (PHX)
Joan McGue – 1:11 – 4th in AG!

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Mount Kilimanjaro, Memphis 10K, Mountain Mist 50K – TN

Happy February, everyone!

First, we’d like to congratulate John Pindar who summited Mount Kilimanjaro two weeks ago! Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa at 19,341 feet. John will be racing Oceanside 70.3 in April.

And from our Memphis athletes, Kemp Conrad ran a 10K in Memphis and finished in a strong time of 42:02. Craig Conley completed his 20th(!) 50K at the Mountain Mist 50K in TN. Craig finished the technical hilly course in 8:08.

Nice job, guys!

Swamp Stomper 25K, TN; Rock and Roll Half Marathon, AZ; Hill and Dale 8 Miler, TN

The New Year is in swing with running races galore! A great start to 2023 for our athletes!

Swamp Stomper 25K Trail Race, TN
Craig Conley – 3:38 (pictured, left)
Kemp Conrad – 2:53 (pictured, middle)

Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, AZ
Lisa Volpentest – 2:21
Jon Byron – 1:34
Mike Volpentest – 2:01
Mike Haenel – 2:23
Peter Haenel – 1:59
Melissa Samuelson – 1:54

And finally, Kemp Conrad ran the Hill & Dale 8-Miler in Millington, TN two weekends ago and finished in a strong 59:09. This was fast enough for 19th overall and 2nd in his AG!

Congratulations to all our athletes!