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Mount Kilimanjaro, Memphis 10K, Mountain Mist 50K – TN

Happy February, everyone!

First, we’d like to congratulate John Pindar who summited Mount Kilimanjaro two weeks ago! Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa at 19,341 feet. John will be racing Oceanside 70.3 in April.

And from our Memphis athletes, Kemp Conrad ran a 10K in Memphis and finished in a strong time of 42:02. Craig Conley completed his 20th(!) 50K at the Mountain Mist 50K in TN. Craig finished the technical hilly course in 8:08.

Nice job, guys!

Swamp Stomper 25K, TN; Rock and Roll Half Marathon, AZ; Hill and Dale 8 Miler, TN

The New Year is in swing with running races galore! A great start to 2023 for our athletes!

Swamp Stomper 25K Trail Race, TN
Craig Conley – 3:38 (pictured, left)
Kemp Conrad – 2:53 (pictured, middle)

Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, AZ
Lisa Volpentest – 2:21
Jon Byron – 1:34
Mike Volpentest – 2:01
Mike Haenel – 2:23
Peter Haenel – 1:59
Melissa Samuelson – 1:54

And finally, Kemp Conrad ran the Hill & Dale 8-Miler in Millington, TN two weekends ago and finished in a strong 59:09. This was fast enough for 19th overall and 2nd in his AG!

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Mountain to Fountain 15K

Happy holidays, everyone!

Last weekend, Joan McGue ran the Mountain to Fountain 15K in Fountain Hills and finished in 1:46 over this tough, hilly course. The time was fast enough for 2nd in her AG! Nice job, Joan!

Have a great week and look forward to a great 2023!

Florida 70.3, Phoenix Hot Chocolate 15K/5K

More December race results!

Congratulations to Ryan Searle who raced the Florida 70.3 last weekend. Ryan finished his first 70.3 in 7:13.

Jon Byron raced the Hot Chocolate 15K in Phoenix and finished in 1:05. This time was good enough for 20th overall and 1st in his AG! Melissa Samuelson ran the 5K at the same event and finished in 23:50. This was fast enough for 5th in her AG!

Great job, guys!

YMCA Pittsburgh Turkey Trot, Memphis 4-miler, Phoenix 10K Turkey Trot

Congratulations to our Turkey Trotters from last Thursday. We had racers in AZ, TN, and PA!

YMCA Pittsburgh Turkey Trot Double Gobble (5K and 5 Mile)
Jon Byron
5K – 21:36 – 11th overall and 6th in AG!
5 Mile – 36:26 – 5th in AG
Total time for both races – 58:02 – 1st in AG!!

Memphis 4 Mile run
Kemp Conrad – 25:15 – 1st in AG!

Phoenix 10K Turkey Trot
Jennifer Delgado – 1:01
Joan McGue – 1:09 – 5th in AG

IMAZ, El Tour de Tucson 100K bike race

We hope you all were able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving Day weekend. It was an especially nice break for three of our IMAZ racers! Congratulations to Ed Wallis, Craig Conley, and Josh Parks for their IMAZ finishes! In addition, Andrew Broderick also enjoyed the turkey day weekend after completing the El Tour de Tucson 100K bike race. Great job, guys!

Ironman Arizona
Ed Wallis – 13:27 – 1st IM!
Craig Conley – 14:29
Josh Parks – 13:47 – 1st IM!

El Tour de Tucson 100K Bike Race
Andrew Broderick – 3:08 (177th of 1831 finishers!)

New York City Marathon, Memphis Half Marathon, The Night Run – Scottsdale

Jennifer Delgado – New York City Marathon

It was a great weekend for racing last weekend. We hope you are all enjoying this wonderful fall weather!

The Night Run 5K
Jake Metz – 22:57 – 3rd overall male!

Memphis 1/2 Marathon
Kemp Conrad – 1:34 (just one week after the 70.3 World Championships!)

NYC Marathon (on one of the hottest NYC marathon days in the last 100 years!)
Jennifer Delgado – 5:36

Congratulations, everyone! Have a great weekend!

70.3 Worlds – St. George, UTMB points race – Puerto Vallarta (100K), Mount Everest Base Camp

Russ Perry – Everest Base Camp

Our Camelback Coaching athletes continue to impress!

Kemp Conrad raced his first World Championship event at the 70.3 Worlds in St. George, Utah last Saturday. Kemp finished in an impressive 5:23 over the hilly course.

Todd Silva raced the UTMB points race in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He ran the 100K event through the local jungles and mountains and finished in just over 17 hours at 17:16.

Over the past two weeks, Russ Perry has been trekking through Nepal on his way to Everest Base Camp. He reached camp and ascended even higher reaching 18,000′. Russ will be aiming for the Antarctica Marathon in March!

Congratulations to all our adventurous athletes!

Todd Silva – UTMB Points race – Puerto Vallarta, MX – 100K

AZ 70.3, Indian Creek 15-mi Trail Race (CO), Des Plaines River 50-miler (IL)

Josh Parks – AZ 70.3

Congratulations to everyone who raced last weekend! Those of you who raced AZ 70.3 did great jobs adapting to the Bike/Run format after the swim had been cancelled. You can only race the race that is presented!

AZ 70.3
Jake Metz – 5:05
Jon Byron – 4:45
Josh Parks (pictured) – 5:08
Lisa Volpentest – 6:14
Mike Volpentest – 5:11

Indian Creek 15-mile trail race (CO)
Ryan Searle – 3:45

Des Plaines River 50 miler
Terry Crowley – 11:18 (Terry’s second 50 miler this summer!)

Great job, everyone!