Happy 10th Anniversary, Camelback Coaching!

Camelback Coaching tentHappy 10th Anniversary, Camelback Coaching!

Wow. Ten years ago today, Bill and I started Camelback Coaching.

We’ve enjoyed steady growth over that time—2013 was our busiest year yet—relying almost exclusively on word-of-mouth referrals. So we thank every one of you, athletes past and present, for putting in a good word for us.

As we begin our 11th year, we look forward to getting acquainted with our new athletes, reconnecting with the old (our returning alum), and continuing to lead our current, completely awesome cadre.

This picture was taken at the Tempe International Triathlon in the spring of 2004, our first official event as a coaching company. We are speaking with Sue Berliner, publisher of SWEAT magazine, to whom we owe a monstrous debt of gratitude for her support when we first arrived on the scene. Thank you, Sue! Also, note the double baby stroller under the tent. We began this whole crazy odyssey with 18-month old twins in tow. What the heck were we thinking . . . ?