London Marathon, Cactus Man Olympic and Sprint, Cape Girardeau, MO Marathon, and Vienna, IL Marathon

Jennifer Delgado – London Marathon

We hope you had had a nice week and are looking forward to a great weekend! Congratulations to everyone who raced last week!

London Marathon
Jennifer Delgado (pictured)- 5:04

Cape Girardeau, MO Marathon and Vienna, IL Marathon
Frank Smith – 7:44 and 8:19

Cactus Man Olympic Tri
Matt Johnson – 2:56
Monica Parks – 3:09
Josh Parks – 2:56
Andrew Broderick – 2:48
Jimmy Boswell – 3:02 – 1st tri ever!

Cactus Man Sprint Tri
Mitch Woody – 1:21 – 3rd in AG – 1st tri ever!
***Joan McGue – 2:06***

We would like to call special attention to Joan McGue. Joan has been an athlete of ours since 2007!!! This race marked the 85th triathlon she has raced in! The list includes sprints, olympics, 70.3 and full Ironman races. She has also represented the USA at the age group World Championships! We are so proud of you, Joan! You are an amazing athlete and just a freaking great person, in general, and an inspiration to all of us!