Mainly Marathon Series, Canyons 100K, Esprit de She Duathlon, Sahuarita Lake Olympic, Grinder 30-mile Gravel Road Race

Toby Baum - Canyons 100K

Toby Baum – Canyons 100K

We had so much great racing this weekend, we’re splitting it into two posts. Overall, though, it was a great weekend of racing despite some pretty serious weather challenges! First of all, congratulations to Frank Smith who became the first person to complete five 50K runs in five state over five days. Frank ran in the Mainly Marathon Series event last week and ran a 50K in DE (6:05), MD (6:29), PA (6:43), NJ (6:53), and NY (7:03). He finished first overall!

Also in the world of ultra-running, Toby Baum completed the tough Canyons 100K run near Auburn, CA in 17:51. Toby had to deal with the cold, rain, and wind like much of the west had to on Sat and Sun. Nice job Toby!

Closer to home we had some decent weather and some fast racing with many podium finishes!

Esprit de She Duathlon Sprint

Joan McGue – 1:18 – 1st in AG!

Esprit de She Olympic Du

Kyrsten Sinema – 2:21 – 4th in AG

Sahuarita Olympic Tri (Tucson)

Peter Ney – 2:05 – 2nd overall male!

Grinder 30 mile gravel road race (Prescott)

Jona Davis – 3:05 – 5th overall female!

Congrats everyone!