Mainly Marathons Appalachian Series, Big Buffalo 50K Trail Relay-TN, Oceanside 70.3, Tour de Mesa 45-mi bike

We’ve had some nice race results over the past couple of weekends!

First, hats off to Frank Smith who ran four 50Ks during this past week. This was part of the Mainly Marathons Appalachian Series. Frank is a beast!
Mills River, NC 50K – 6:58
Bristol, TN 50K – 7:30
Bluefield, WV 50K – 7:40
Bluefield, VA 50K – 7:33

Kemp Conrad and Ed Wallis each ran the Big Buffalo 50K Trail relay run in Memphis, TN. Kemp ran his 10K leg in 46:47 while Ed finished his leg in 56:13.

Oceanside 70.3
Laura McGhghy got back into 70.3 racing with a solid 7:49 finish. Laura will be racing IM Spain later this summer.

Tour de Mesa 45mi Bike
Andrew Broderick finished in an impressive time of 2:18 for the hilly 45 mile course.

Congratulations to all our athletes!