Marquee, Leadman, Rage, European Triathlon Union Long Course Duathlon World Championships, Alcatraz swim

MarqueeWe have results to report from the European Triathlon Union Long Course Duathlon World Championships in The Netherlands, the Rage Triathlon in Las Vegas, the F.A.S.T. Alcatraz Swim, and yes, Marquee and Leadman.

A huge congratulations to Matt Green,  who represented Great Britain in the ETU Long Course Duathlon World Championships! He finished 15th in his age group!

Between the Marquee, Leadman and Rage Triathlons, we counted 15 podium finishers, including 2 age group winners! By all counts, it was an amazing weekend for everyone.

And remember, no matter how you did, there’s always something—and for most of us, many things—you can take away from the race experience that will help you in the future!

ETU Long Course Duathlon World Championships 15km Run, 60Km Bike, 7.5km run

Matt Green                              15th in AG       3:57

Rage Triathlon – Half Ironman

Colton Van Wagoner 1st 5:43 –  1st in AG

Riley Wardrop 2nd 6:31-  2nd in AG

Colton and Riley are both 18 years old and will be racing IM Texas next month.

Rage Triathlon – Olympic Distance

Cortney Ellish 2nd in AG –  2:54


Dwight Lundell 1st in AG –  6:19

Sharon Johnston 2nd in AG –  5:59

Peter Ney 6th in AG –  4:48 –  13th overall!

Patrick Lynch 23rd in AG –  5:55

Marquee Olympic

Justin Roylance 1st in AG –  2:21 –  10th overall!

Kirk Lacko 2nd in AG –  2:28

Sally Borg 3rd in AG –  3:09

Bruce Baldwin 6th in AG –  3:01

Beth Lofquist 10th in AG –  3:14

Susy Signa 11th in AG –  3:23

Dana Price 14th in AG –  3:15

Kevin La Ra 15th in AG –  2:41

Daniel Efune 19th in AG – 2:56

Eric Courtney 25th in AG –  3:06

Tom Thompson 28th in AG –  3:28

Jeremiah Herrman 55th in AG 4:06

Marquee Sprint Para Triathlon

Jacob Pruett 2nd in Category –  1:43 3rd overall! Jake is a 17 year old above the knee amputee who is aiming at racing the National Championships and World Championships in Paratriathlon later this summer!

Marquee Sprint

Gabi Wasserman 2nd in AG – 1:09 5th overall!

Jona Davis 2nd in AG –  1:19 9th overall!

Kathy Stanley 2nd in AG – 1:28

Laura Miles 2nd in AG – 1:28

Preston Miller 2nd in AG –  1:46

Joan McGue 3rd in AG –  1:52

Galina Kelly 4th in AG –  1:27

Dana Kennedy 5th in AG –  1:29

Russell Vanbeber 7th in AG –  1:23

Kyrsten Sinema 13th in AG –  1:50

Michelle Alore 15th in AG –  2:02

Eric Montgomery 16th in AG –  1:30

Steve Sharp 17th in AG –  2:00

Bo Micek 25th in AG –  1:45

F.A.S.T. Alcatraz Swim

John Levy – first time swimming the Alcatraz swim. One of endurance sports great events!