Stoneman 14K Trail Race, Runner’s Den Pancake 10K, McDowell 15-mile Trail Race, Tennessee Trail Series (3K, 5K, 8K)

Doing some catching up here on race results!

Joan McGue ran the Stoneman 14K Trail race here in AZ and finished in 1:46 over the rugged course. More recently, she raced the Runner’s Den Pancake 10K in 1:06, placing 4th in her age group!

Kemp Conrad is running a winter trail race series in TN. He has raced a 3K and a 5K. He took 2nd in his AG in the 3K and finished 1st Grand Master in the 5K! And just last week, he raced the 8K in 39:37, placing 1st in the Grand Master division!

Finally, Robin Blankenbaker finished 1st in her AG in the McDowell 15-mile Trail Race, crossing the line in 2:37!

Congratulations to all our racers! Have a great week!