Disney Dopey 5k-10k-1/2 Marathon-Marathon Combo!

Cortney Ellish Disney Jan 2014Cortney Ellish raced a tough event this past weekend called the Disney Dopey. Disney sponsored the event, which includes a 5K, 10K, ½ marathon and full marathon done over four days. Cortney completed the entire distance in 6:44. She started the event off with a 20:23 5K followed by a 53:27 10K on the second day. She then ran a 1:59 ½ marathon taking 84th of 1846 in her AG. On the fourth day, she ran the marathon in 4:10 to complete this challenging race! Cortney will be racing IM Boulder and IMAZ later this year. Congratulations Cortney!

Good luck to everyone racing the PFC races this weekend! Be sure to send us a note after the race to let us know how it went!