Tucson Marathon and Half Marathon, McDowell Mountain Frenzy, Hot Chocolate 5K and 15K, Palm Sprints 1/2 IM HITS, Baton Rouge Marathon 2013

Lots of running this early December weekend! Special congratulations to Todd Silva who ran a 3:13:49 at the Tucson Marathon and qualified for Boston!

McDowell Mountain Frenzy

5 mile – Jona Davis – 1st overall female!!!

10 mile – Peter Ney – 7th overall male with a time of 1:11

Hot Chocolate 5K

Galina Kelly – 22:55 – 1st in AG and PR!

Barb Wang – 28:30

Joan McGue – 30:55 – 11th in AG ran one week after breaking her hand in a bike crash!

Chuck Zelinksi – 1:30 at 70+!!!

Hot Chocolate 15K

James Sun – 1:23 PR!

Caroline Sekaquaptewa – 1:15

Tucson ½ Marathon

Rich Orbon – 2:53

Tucson Marathon

Todd Silva – 3:13:49 PR and BQ!

Palm Springs ½ IM HITS

Matt Green – 5:25


Riley Wardrop – 5th overall male – 41:46 Riley will be racing IM Texas at the age of 18 this coming May!

Baton Rouge Marathon

Frank Smith – 4:52. Frank ran this race a few weeks after breaking his ribs surfing while on vacation. He keeps his monthly marathon streak alive!!